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Jeny Smith - A Close Friend


I watched this video while I was uploading it. Blur can't hide him arms, birthmarks, I know who he was. I was tricked by Alex. That guy wasn't our friend. Alex wanted me to believe he was. I've seen that guy once before. He is his old school mate who helped to solve the wifi issue in our house. Yes, in our house he saw me and recognized me then, as he watched my videos before, but he had no clue I was Alex's wife. Right then he asked if I was Jeny Smith. Alex confirmed and called me up to tell me I was discovered. So, we talked and laughed. Then he left and I haven't seen him since then. So, that kind of friend was perfect for this video. I don't feel shame or ashamed as I was very positive about that guy.

Date: October 22, 2021

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